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Best vendor non-production related products

I really have to much time on my hands!

@URBorganic has my vote and likely part of my next allowance for the sweet pants! Cody this is very funny!

Calling all vendors! What non-production product do you want to promote? Let’s get your name out in the market!


Right on Ethan,

My wife thinks we need to distribute this wording better across the “-ass” especially for the girls shorts. I nominate this t-shirt.

It brings a bit of nostalgia… I remember when I first started growing and went into my local hydroshop. It was a big deal being a new guy in the shop…that we were talking about growing tomatoes…like I remember getting corrected when I would use any other word that would imply Cannabis growing.


I like this shirt from Twister:

tagging @dalton


Horticulturist growem them bigger!
Nursery men plant them deeper!
Turf specialists
Turf specialists pay close attention to your lawns.

These are the ones from the 1970’s


I like the shirt. I will ask my wife, her opinion.

I use to have the DEA visit our greenhouse twice a year. Pain in the ass, but it had benefits. You got access to the there pirates loot.

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