Biobiz in Coco Coir

Hello, just saw on DGC that Guru mentioned he is starting a Biobiz nutrient grow in straight Canna Coco. Curious if anyone here has experience with this organic nutrient line, specifically in coco. Would something like this be treated like soil in terms of watering frequency? I imagine with coco you would still fertigate each watering but let the coco dry back.


Following this one, I was wondering the same thing couple weeks ago!


Folks say the same things. You can fertigate more on coco, rockwool, hydro.

Plants (carbon based life forms) always enjoy water.

The “flushing” donts is a concept pushed by broscience…

Gauge all your feedings by weight and you’ll be ok. Don’t let it dry out to much or it will stunt the root growth which will lessen harvest output.

I have a 2 to 3 fert to 1 water schedule usually.

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