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Blast chilling and blast freezing


I represent a company that makes a product primarily designed for the food service industry to blast chill and blast freeze product. I’m trying to ascertain if the canibus market would be a good application for this product. Can someone help?

The units will take product from hot right out of the oven to 41 degrees F very quickly. It will also blast freeze products down to -40 degrees F quickly. In both cases it will automatically hold the product once the temperature has been achieved until you can store it in a walk in refrigerator or freezer for long term storage.

What this gives the operator is extended storage life, reduced bacteria growth or even eliminating bacteria after holding for 7 hours by blast freezing. The unit also includes defrosting, low temperature cooking up to 185 degrees, product probes that will measure core temp and chill to that temp then hold. It is easy to clean and utilizes a patented sanctification system that sanitizes every part of the chamber including the areas that are difficult to access for cleaning.

The unit also has a chocolate mode with cycles that maintain moisture so it can be preserved properly over time. It also has an ice cream mode to make ice cream smoother and ready for display.

The unit capacities go from 55lbs to 1653lbs per load. The larger units utilize roll in racks.

Please let me know if you feel like a product like this would be viable for this market.



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