Bombd the grow room and house

@scotty17 I been having nightmares ever since we talked o had to do it and take all the plants out side for jus the day hope I didn’t collect any bugs today

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Dude I move mine to a secure place and bleach the tent and Clean weekly now LoL… I’m sure they loved the sun bath :grinning:

I don’t do it weekly but every spring and fall and I didn’t do it the last time we talked yet and was like dude I’m freaking out I need to bomb I have a 2 yr old so it gets so dirty so quick u find random PC’s of sandwiches and sippy cups that have ecosystems inside of it kuz no1 knows how long it’s been there or got there so I try to clean weekly but I bomb the house and grow room twice a yr usually and it was due jus hope I didn’t get anything while they were outside today

Go living soil… haven’t had an issue since going totally to this technique…