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Boveda Article: 2 Post-Cure Risks You Can Control With Precise RH

Great article for anyone on the fence about the need for humidity control.

Cheers friends!


Good read. I think a lot of guys here don’t understand the proper way to use these. I’ve seen horror stories about flower being too wet and having a pack in there. Causing massive mold.
Make sure your flower is dry before curing. And learn to burp your product.
Shame to see all that hard work go to waste.


I agree. I’m a big believer in using technology when we can. Why judge with a sound when you could measure it with an hygrometer?

My job is interesting. I read your words and agree yet just read a comment on one of our posts stating that people need to stop the burping nonsense. SO many opinions and it’s truly all based on experience and RH in the environment we live.


Would you ever recommend drying cannabis to below 58% RH?

Standard practice seems to be “dry in a room down to 30% RH, then seal, sweat and burp to equalize moisture, finally throw in a Boveda to stabilize RH during the cure.”

I personally never put my flower in an environment that’s below 58% RH throughout drying and curing, all the way through to end use.


By mistake :slight_smile:

I run a humidifer at 60% in the drying closet to purposely slow down the dry time. The theory is that this way, it’ll dry evenly and thus mitigate the need to “sweat and burp to equalize moisture”.

I’ve heard some growers do indeed dry very very low and believe their bud is stronger bc of it but really, I believe that’s just that the THCA has converted to CBN.