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Business partner for growing operation

Hello -

I have been trying to get my foot in the door for any type of operation in my state and they’ve finally opened it up for applications for another facility. I’d love to connect with someone that would have the ability to be a financial and business partner in this endeavor.
I am a successful real estate agent and I run that business full time. However, growing is a passion as I believe it should be treated like alcohol and used for more medical purposes.
If you know of someone looking to start another operation or is open to franchising I am happy to look at all options as I am ready to put this into high gear.
I already have an operational building layout and and general idea of the equipment I want.
Who’s with me!?!?


What state are you thinking?

I am in CT where medical is legal and recreational is on the agenda to pass for the state

I would definitely Be interested in talking with you and hearing some ideas and some general numbers!


Looking to fill any entry level positions? hahah. Good luck with your future plans, I hope everything comes together as pictured!