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Butane and Propane Extraction Process Consultation Rates

Hey everyone!

I was thinking of starting up a small independent consulting firm. I have considerable experience in the industry. I have worked with an extraction equipment manufacturer extensively, and helped open up the first type 7 volatile manufacturing facility in Humboldt county, California, and helped it operate for a year as an owner/partner/operator with no reportable injuries, or fines due to compliance violations. I have a pretty darn good resume under my belt at this point. I think by this point my skills should be sufficiently marketable.

Right now my specialty is exclusively butane hash oil extraction of all consistencies, and cartridge production.

Which brings me to the question - what is a good rate someone like me could charge for someone who is starting up their own butane extraction facility?

I was thinking I would model it as follows:

You get either a one day package, two day package, or three day package. I’ll drive out to your location, and audit your whole facility and process, and provide a comprehensive report of everything I can think of to make your process cleaner, more efficient, faster, and I will also note any compliance issues I spot as well, if any exist.

A one day package would be about $2000, a two-day package would be about $3250, and a 3-day package would be about $4000. All packages include limited tech support for up to 3 months, which may include general process troubleshooting, or equipment selection recommendations. Travel expenses would need to be covered by the client.

What do you guys think? Is this too much? Could I get away with more? Is adding on the post-consulation tech support a good perk?

Let me know what you think! The wizard may be open for business soon…