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Buying Cannabis Properties

Hello Grower Network,

I have been a cannabis operator in California for the past decade, and recently stepped away to focus specifically on cannabis real estate. Since then, my group, Vertiza Properties, has worked to buy, and create, a cannabis campus in Oakland, Ca, in addition to sale-leasebacks in Los Angeles, Denver, and Boulder.

Our goal is to ensure that cannabis operators have access to properly zoned real estate. Through my own personal experiences, I know how hard it is to find space, especially space that is not being leased at usury rates. I come from cannabis, so those are the folks Vertiza Properties caters to, not the other way around.

Whether you are a current operator, our plan on entering the cannabis industry, please feel free to contact me to see if Vertiza Properties can help secure space for you, thanks.

[email protected]


Do any @mastergrowers or @growopowners know anybody looking for properly zoned spaces with cannabis-friendly landlords?

I’ve know Adam for quite some time - he’s always on the cutting edge of our industry (check his track record!), with a passion for alleviating the pains and pressures that are intrinsic to doing business within the industry. I wouldn’t want anyone else taking care of the zoning and leasing of a grow space!


Just wanted to reach out to you guys. We invented and patented a super GREEN food grade/Medical grade industrial flood coating system. We do all sorts of food-related work for major companies like General Mills, ADM, Cargill… Our ability to take a heavily used interior and make the floor a hospital level floor space is amazing. We would be very interested in working with you on some projects. Matt Cullen


We need to get him sponsoring the Real estate category! Great stuff!


Awesome post @mcullen!

@amintz good people over at Lifetime Coatings! I’d love to see a connection happen between solid professionals in our industry!