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California Compliance Transition - Seeking Grower/Partner

We are a California based membership collective called Synergy Wellness, with an 8 year history making hand crafted atrisnal medicinal products. We are CBD specialists and have over 4,000 members. I wrote a book on CBD due out in October and participated in Green Flower Medias CBD Summit recently.

We are looking for a path to compliance. One piece of the vision is to own, lease or partner, with a cannabis farm that can supply a reliable source of good quality all natural outdoor or greenhouse organic CBD product.

Another piece of our vision involves a manufacturing site and a person to help make all this happen.

If you or someone you know has a property in California that has potential to become compliant with the new local and state regulations, we would be interested in talking to you. If you are interested in finding out if your property could become compliant, we can help you figure it out. Because of our focus on CBD, One of the perks of working with us, is knowing your participating in helping really sick people.

Leonard Leinow
[email protected]


Hello @synergycbd,
Welcome and congratulations in finding a top source of information & support as part of the GN network.

We do have CBD cultivators in our collective. Charlotte’s Web & AC/DC come to mind. These cultivators produce 100s of units each year. Off the top of my head, I know there is Charlotte’s available. If you need a source I can help you. They grow organically.

Transactions are not allowed on the forum. We can discuss off line if you choose. Welcome again to the group.
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Thanks for replying.
I mostly use AC/DC.

Regarding purchasing - I think I have enough to get me through the season, but I am getting nervous about running out. I use untrimmed flowers of ACDC. I would like to purchase 5 lbs. to ensure I don’t run out.
Our criteria is the ratio of CBD:THC needs to be 20:1 or higher. We usually run 24:1 ratio and potency of 15% CBD. I usually pay contract growers $1,000 / lb. But this time of year might be higher. AC/DC flowers are usually small. So, not trimming them is a big boon.

We don’t really use Charlottes Web very much, though I do have one tincture blend of Charlottes Web.

Is this something you can help with?

Leonard Leinow
Synergy Wellness
[email protected]mailto:[email protected]

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Hello Leonard,
Yes I think I can help you. Let me inquire with our cultivator. I’ll email you off line.
Angela, COO

Hi Leonard, let’s chat! Would love to help. I have a few properties already in mind and am pretty certain can help in making it happen. I’m in NoCal too! My email is [email protected]. For some reason I’ve had your company name come across my desk… :thinking: we may know a few of the same folks. Chat soon!

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