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California passes AB 1578


California passes AB 1578 which provides California based business’s with protection against federal action. Big thank you to LA Cannabis Task force!


While I appreciate the effort, does this really offer any practical protection given that federal law overrides local laws? If the feds decide to crack down then I’m not sure that this does anything against that.

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A little bit. If the feds ask the local authorities to crack down against CA business’s local authorities will not co operate with them. Ofc doesn’t stop the feds from doing their owns raids. Not sure what sort of legal procedure they have to go through to do that though.


Ah gotcha, that makes more sense. So basically the CA authorities aren’t allowed to cooperate with the feds in that case.


This is very interesting, What drives the entire drug, MMJ, Feds business?>….Money!! and the FED /DEA just had the budgets cut, I doubt they are going to put manpower and agents in the field to go harass State authorized business, and then go to battle in a legal arena? especially when the Fed outline dictates not going after any operators who don’t have a 1000 plant grow, guns, large sums of cash and anything else APPARENT in the location that violates current law. Someone please correct me if I have misstated any of this but I think the costs of taking federal action is prohibitive except in the largest or most flagrant situations, and if (pray people) that Mr Sessions is ousted the pressure may let off a bit in Washington.

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Oh boy, that sounds like a big legal battle should any conflicts arise.