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California Sales Statistics January 2018

In January 2018, cannabis sales at state licensed retailers and delivery services reached nearly $144 million dollars.

In the other states that have transitioned to adult-use markets, average retail selling prices spiked initially and California was no different. Compared to December 2017, average retail selling prices across all product categories jumped 12 percent in pre-tax dollars. The largest spike in retail selling prices came from the edibles category, where the ARSP jumped 34 percent. Some of the spike in edibles can be attributed to a larger proportion of sales coming from tinctures, which is the most expensive category within edibles. Prices for candy and chocolates also contributed to the edibles spike, growing 30 and 27 percent respectively.

Retail sales volume January 2018.

Category Sales Category Share
Flower: $70M 43.10%
Pre-Rolls: $7.8M 5.40%
Concentrates: $43.2M 30.10%
• Live Resin: $1.4M 1%
• Oils: $1M 0.70%
• Shatter: $1.3M 0.90%
• Vape: $34M 23.70%
• Wax: $2M 1.40%
Edibles: $22.8M 15.90%
• Beverages: $1.1M 0.70%
• Candy: $6.9M 4.80%
• Chocolates: $4.9M 3.40%
• Infused Foods: $3.3M 2.30%
• Pills: $1.3M 0.90%
• Tinctures: $4.7M 3.30%
Topicals: $2.3M 1.60%

–Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher