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California Sales Statistics March 2018

Through March 28, 2018, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control has issued 1031 temporary licenses for Adult-Use and Medical Storefronts, Micro Businesses, and Non-Storefronts.

In March 2018, cannabis sales at state licensed retailers and delivery services reached $248 million dollars. Compared to February, sales in the California market grew 27 percent. The growth in the market can be attributed to both new operators and increased access as well as healthy same-store growth amongst dispensaries licensed in prior months.

Flower/bud generated over $99 million in sales in March, contributing 41 percent to overall sales. Compared to February, sales of flower grew 21 percent and the average retail price declined nearly 4 percent.

Sales of concentrates reached nearly $78 million in March and contributed 31 percent of total revenues. Sales in the category grew 30 percent from the prior month. Vape products contributed greater than 80 percent of concentrate sales in March and enjoyed 33 percent growth from the prior month. Bubble hash, Live Resin, and Oils remain much smaller categories, but their respective share of the concentrates category increased greatly in March as each grew in sales in the range of 46-47 percent from the previous month.

Edible sales in March reached $41 million and grew 30 percent from the previous month. Sales of edibles contributed 17 percent of total revenues for the month.

Retail sales volume March 2018.

Category Sales Category Share
Flower: $99.4M 41%
Pre-Rolls: $16.9M 7%
Concentrates: $77.7M 31%
• Live Resin: $2.8M 1.20%
• Oils: $1.9M 0.80%
• Shatter: $2.2M 0.90%
• Vape: $63.2M 26%
• Wax: $3.5M 1.50%
Edibles: $40.6M 16.80%
• Beverages: $1.8M 0.80%
• Candy: $15M 6.20%
• Chocolates: $5.6M 2.30%
• Infused Foods: $5.6M 2.30%
• Pills: $3.1M 1.30%
• Tinctures: $8.7M 3.60%
Topicals: $4.3M 1.80%

–Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher



I’d be interested in learning more about how you’re sourcing this information. I don’t see an email address for you on your website so I’m going to send to your general info address but I;'m Jake Schrader and I hope we can be in touch soon.



This is great information on my home state. Do you have a pdf I could share with my other networks? I’m new to this group so don’t know how things work yet. Thank you


Wow! Nearly $100 million in flower sales is incredible!


@jake you can always private message @Proteus420, she is quick to respond!

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Sorry for delayed responses lately been on the crazy business growth and trade show circuit :slightly_smiling_face:

I am available to chat anytime if you have questions.

I expect this flower number to drop significantly over the next several months and pre-rolls to gain a huge push - it is the wait and see game with california right now, especially since the excise tax reduction bill is on the back burner.

Dawne Morris
-Passion Pusher


I can create on for you if you would like - shoot me an email [email protected]


I guessed that Californians purchasing habits would be different from other states that legalized, but it is surprising by how much. We have a customer base that have experienced a market that was basically legal even before Prop 64.


Great info, thanks!


Would love a copy in pdf as well please! Thanks Dawne.