Can you help please


Not much info to go on but. Just taking a guess, over watering. Pots look wet. Leaf curl towards the soil = problem in soil, leaf curl up = lights or heat issues. Looks like those pots may need to dry out. Think of watering your plants “flood to drought” flood on watering day and dry when you water again. If you think your water is on point then I’d get runoff ph and ppm to get a better idea.


I concur with the above, with the information provided. The leaves curling up or down is a good general rule to start with. In my humble opinion :v:t4:


When you transplant it takes time for the roots to take up the soil in the bigger pot. Many times your soil that has no roots yet stays moist. So the roots end up growing into moist soil. It will work itself out just be cautious with the watering.


Looks like wind burn also.