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Canna Cribs Episode 7 Drip Schedule

In Episode 7 they use a drip with the Floraflex tops on rockwool.
Was that a 24/7 drip? When the lights are on, or did they have a delay between waterings?


Hi @denavici, welcome to GN. Not to sure, wonder if @NateCannaCribs can help you clarify?

Most certainly my dudes. Happy to clarify.

They did not have water on 24/7 while the lights were on. Also, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the water on 24/7. It does not give the root zone proper oxygenation. For the most part, leaves take in CO2 and roots take in oxygen. If roots are continually covered in water, it makes it more difficult to get adequate oxygen to them. Most drip systems with FloraFlex caps water 3-6 times a day depending on the age of the plants, with more waterings happening in the later stages of flower when the plants are larger and need more water.

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Many thanks Nate, fantastic response and makes sense.

@denavici, we also have a current thread about roots and air if you would like to learn more.

Happy to answer any questions about previous Canna Cribs episodes…assuming I remember!

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