Cannabis Benchmarks - Cannabis prices continue plummeting

We’re looking at around $1400/pound, roughly. Prices continue dropping because of increased production.


$1800-2300 on the black market were the last prices I heard around here.

We can get an ounce of shake (which is the bottom of the big tub of buds they have on the shelf,) for around $30 depending on where we go if we go to the dispensaries in Pueblo. $100 ounces all day long at Pueblo West Organics, both med/rec (and some of the most consistent weed in all of Pueblo in my opinion, least amount of seeds I’ve seen from any of them.) $12 for a gram of shatter in Rocky Ford at the med dispensary.

Growing up, a pound of seedy/stemmed schwag that was always light could be nickeled and dimed for over $5,000.

I definitely lament for anyone in production right now but as a consumer? I’m fist pumping the air with a Homer Simpson “WOO HOO!”