Cannabis business: The inside out

Those who have experience in a cannabis business. What is your advise growing commercially?


You from South Africa. I think its a great opportunity to make something in our industry, and grow it. I think there are over 100 licensed facilities in South Africa so far, some ( the lucky ones ) with export licenses. Eventhough the piece of legal paper should only cost R2500 ( hemp ) to R25000 for ( dagga ) , there is so much more that goes into the setup a facility. The biggest expense is paying for compliance and consultants.

Personally I am not interested in the commercial sector as its just another industry. We also have the situation where alot of these licensed facilities are offloading in the black market as the market is saturated with cannabis.

But if you have a solid plan, good finances and sharp business acumen with some top growers, you could be well on to your way to a successful operation.

Another way to do this is to start a cannabis social club. Watch this video: