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Cannabis Descheduling Bill Passed by Key Congressional Committee

It’s a start :slight_smile:

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The chances it will pass in the republican dominant senate is slim to none. Unfortunately.


Agreed, but, I have hope, I want to see this in my lifetime.


It will Happen in less then 5/year’s. Just know fully legal comes with too many rules. Look at the mess have currently and the feds aren’t really involved. I was never for legalized smoke. Should have stayed medicinal


+1 same here


DING DING DING!!! I remember I use to be SO for it and as I’ve watched what our state and city have done throughout this whole licensing phase has completely made me do a 180 on the whole thing. I’m with @MK3_Pharms , should’ve just stayed medicinal. My state just recently blocked ALL recreational shops from opening and blocked all grows from selling to recreational shops that were set to open. They did all this a few days before the bill was set to go into effect. So how they blocked something that had already been voted on and passed is beyond me. On top of that, since their licensing phase they have chopped down the count of dispensaries from 84, in our city at one time, to just 3! Yes 3!! I mean, I get 84 may be a little extreme but come on, 3?!? They’re just swinging a sword in the dark and hoping they hit something, in my opinion.

I still have a feeling de-scheduling on a Fed level will bust the black market WIDE OPEN but I guess time will tell.


Yeah its hard to say what will happen. For sure patenting of strains will come. You guys should stock up on genes. Certain companies are buying up all genetics. Get ready. They are coming for our seeds


Yeah those fucking monsanto bastards want to own the seed and not a seed. “Seed” meaning all seeds of any type. Right now mianly food and now weed. They will genetically modify the seeds so they will only make one crop and you have to buy more everytime. Thise fuckers also made round up weedkiller and sicken a lot of people in 3rd world countries like india farmers who need the seeds to live and when the crops dont grow the go bankrupt. And drink the roundup and kill themselves. There an evil evil company. And there genetically modified food i will not eat or buy. It non gmo for me and organic only.