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Cannabis philanthropists finding it hard to give


This actually isn’t too surprising to me, personally. I’m an atheist and I follow a lot of atheist-related news sources. Same thing happens when atheist organizations try to donate money to charity. It’s not uncommon for charitable donations to be outright refused or accepted without any appreciation given.

What are your thoughts?

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They just need to find the right charities… I bet there are heaps of environmental and earthcare groups that would love to be sponsored…


Agreed - there’s got to be a bunch that will happily take donations if standard charities won’t. As Vespasian said, Pecunia non olet :slight_smile:

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The weed pimps in Colorado Springs is a nonprofit org geared to the cargiving of cancer patients who can’t afford there meds. I’ve donated a few units. The cool thing is all donations are tracked and both the patients and doner can contact one another if you do please. So no one stands to profit.


Is this them?

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I found this doing my internet travels today, in case anybody was interested. Thought it was a pretty good pun too:


Another article on this topic:

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Native Roots in Colorado donated to the hurricane relief efforts:

Hopefully they didn’t run into any roadblocks like some of the others mentioned in this topic.