Capital?! Self Funded? Take it to the next level

Hey I have been hammering out a business plan for investors. Any tips on it? I have a history of other AG markets but not a whole lot in cannabis. I started Royal Knight Ag its and its a educational consulting brokerage company. East coast based but logistical partners across the country in santa rosa. I have been selling AG materials and studying them for 15 years. Working in farms my whole life. I resigned from my job in Nov to start this venture. I have picked up distribution lines on nice materials. I have AG markets ready to go. I am ready but now my funds are out. I self funded 75k . so I need to market and deliver. implement and execute. That’s it. I have research and development everywhere. Any tips to take it to the next level ? This is a little personal but I figured someone in the network had to be in my shoes or at least close. Any help much appreciated

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Hey @ralpht . I just exited out of an insure tech startup before moving into the cannabis space. Happy to go over your pitching material etc to help you out. We found most of our investors from networking events, expos & forums like Growers Network.


I appreciate it. that can work. ive been fundin myself. I need to get better at all that. I have been just grinding it out. capital is key though. that might have to become a priority. thanks