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CBD or THC - which is better for pain?

Hi there! I am considering what is better to take for relieving the pain: CBD or THC or mix them…
I stumbled upon a post which said: “While both are medicinal and have various health-related benefits, it’s really only THC distillate that has considerable recreational value. While it’s true that CBD can have pleasant, calming effects, it’s really only THC that triggers the euphoria that so many cannabis enthusiasts love.” Source: THC Distillate

So CBD is more like a remedy to get relaxed from the anxious? correct me if I’m wrong, 'cause I’m a freshman to cannabis growing and taking. Thanks

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Yes, usually CBD is the one for helping with pain (amongst many other things).
If you google it, you will find plenty of articles on the subject… like this one :

Sorry if it took so long to give you an answer, I thought the real growers would have answered by now…

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I find a mix works well, but if you don’t want the psychoactive affects stick with a high %CBD.

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Yes the thc and cbd together causes the entourage effect and compliment each other.

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Totally agree!
But the effects of THC might help by rebound. A good Indica with a decent “couchlock” effect will help me sleep better which helps. It’s easier to tolerate the pain when you can sleep a little… And a good Sativa helps me keeping busy during the day and kind of “forget” about the pain… It’s a delicate balance.
The more I learn about cannabis, the more I find it amazing! :nerd_face: :star_struck:

Edit : @preybird1 got it! The entourage effect…

Amazing plant. Amazing capabilities im starting to flush my plant stocks out now. I had to wait because my dumbass cloned the shit oit of the mothers and did not label which clone came from what mother. What a pia to figure that out again. I had to relabel all of the clones i retook and then flower them out again to figure out what was what. I wont make that mistake again. But now i have what i need and my stocks are complete.

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