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CBD:THC Strains at 2:1/3:1+

Does anyone grow high ratio CBD strains eg 2:1 or 3:1 or more?

We are growing a number of strains at request from customers and would be interested to hear any experiences.

Some of the strains we are trialing this year are
Great White Shark CBD
The Church CBD
Mango Haze CBD
Skunk Haze CBD
Bubba Kush CBD

Is anyone growing medical hemp strains?


Hey Nathan!
I am growing critical mass CBD and Cannatonic CBD. My favorite is the Critical Mass because of how short and stout it is. 6 week veg and 7 flower and those little ladies stand just under 3’ tall full of flower. Also this strain liked a higher temp and a slightly higher humidity. At my grow I am limited as far as my plant count and the cannatonic did not yield what i hoped for. So it didnt make the cut.
Im curious as to what pheno you have of Great white shark? The one that i grew in the past was perfect for a sea of green method. How does your CBD garden grow? Do you find that the high CBD and the high CBD strain feed differently?


Hey @nickB!

That’s great news - I have the Critical Mass CBD as well - eager to see how it goes. I have great white shark cbd from greenhouse seeds - we will see how they turn out. We will be growing them in greenhouses in a raised bed system - this is our first year with them so I am interested to see how they turn out. There is a growing demand for them.

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