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Changed out traditional pots and pebbles for 6" rockwool cubes

Got a great deal on eBay for a box of 12 brand new paid less than $50 couldn’t pass it up these will last several yrs

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Never grew in rockwool, how are they gonna last several years? You reuse them full of roots?


Not sure I read it in a few threads that their reusable so I just went with it…lol

This should be a part of your thread. Your missing out on building your thread “your personal Growers Network room” .

The more data your thread has the more useful it is to you in the future and as well others join your room and learn from you as well. These singular postings will get lost and eventually archived.

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How do I do a personal thread



If you want to start a journal you hit the green square clover looking thing in the upper left corner of the screen which brings you to the homepage Then you hit new topic.

If you want to private message somebody you hit the avatar next to their name and then this pops up and you hit message

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Thank you this is very helpful