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Chavez's Organic Grow Journal

Well, I decided to start her dark period today. I’m gonna harvest tomorrow. Lots of cloudy, a couple clear and a few more amber.
Looking for speedy, head high only. So she should be good to. Besides, I am ready to get this girl out of my tent!


Do it. :wink::+1:t3:😶‍🌫


Moby Dick(A) in back.
Dry weight - 2.6 oz.

Moby Dick(B) front.
Dry weight - 3.35 oz.

5.95 oz. total.
A lot more than I expected to get off 2 plants in my small tent. Everything is curing now.

Now that I have an extra 2000w of light for my next grow, I’ll be able to grow more plants in my 3x4 tent.

Filling it with 4000w of light next time, I’m going to grow 4 autos to really try and fill out my tent.


And I’m off! Planted 2 Glue Sniffer, 1 Zweet Child & 1 Crescendo (all Autos) on 12/6.

Zweet Child - 7 days

Crescendo - 7 days

Glue Sniffer (A) - 5 days

Glue Sniffer (B) - 5 days

This time I’m using the living soil method. 3 gal. pots are mixed with 9.6 oz. of Nature’s Living Soil with Fox Farm organic soil & perlite.

Light is 24" high & turned all the way up. I plan on using teas when needed. Temp is 76*. Humidity is 65%

I enjoy the simplicity of water only organics, as I don’t need to mess around with nutes. Also, it cost about $35 - $40 a pot…but then I’m about set.

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy Growing!


Beginning week 2.

Zweet Child auto - 14 days.

Crescendo auto - 14 days.

Glue Sniffer auto (a) & (b) - 12 days.

My one Glue Sniffer is really taking its time. I think I might have planted the seed upside down, she was struggling to come up.

Nodes are really close together, so I raised my light to 30" and switched to veg/bloom to try and get a little more stretch.

I’m slowly lowering the Rh to get to 50% and the temp stays a 76*-78* with all my lights on.

I’m doing 18/6 light cycle on this all natural, organic grow using a living soil method.

I am watering 0.5 gal. between all 4 plants every other day @ 6.8 ph.

Any advice, tips or criticism are always welcome.

I hope you all have a rockin’ Christmas! :guitar:.


They look like they’re cranking along to me. Good job. :+1:t3:


Not a BIG deal but may want to work that pH down to 6.3-6.5 just for nuet availabilty…but I don’t see any real issues…FWIW


Thank you! I will do that. :v:.


Support Ticket:

Seedbank: (Chitown) 20/20 & Ethos

Strain (bagseed too): Zweet Child, Crescendo, Glue Sniffer. (All autos)

Indoor, outdoor: Indoor

Tent, Room Size: 4x3x6

Lighting: 400w-480w leds

Light height: 24"-30"

Temps (day and night): (day)76*-78*/ (night)65*-68*

Relative Humidity (day and night) : (day) 50%-55% / (night) 55%-60%

Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) : 3 fans, 1 humidifier.

Ventilation: AC infinity 4".

Pot sizes: 3 gal.

Soil, Coco, or Dwc: Nature’s Living soil + Fox Farm Happy Frog organic

Nutrient type: Living Soil mix (Nature’s Living Soil).

Ph numbers: 6.3 - 6.5ph.

Ec and PPM: 200ppm.

Water Temps: 74*

Co2: Co2 Emitting mushroom bag.

Seed germination date: 12/9 -12/11

Veg duration: 3 weeks / 80-90 days harvest.

Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water): Every other day with teas as needed.


If anyone knows anything about the Zweet Child auto, or Crescend0 auto let me know.

I can’t seem to find much info about them. I would really just like to know their height and flowering time.

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy Christmas! :christmas_tree:. :gift:. :tada:.


That is pretty fucking remarkable for 14 days Jr… My 3 week olds are half that size. :joy: Altho mine have been in 88° @ 60% about the entire time. Not exactly what one AIMS for but one does what they do if thats what they does. Yup… What he said!


Hmmmmm. Nough said @LoCoRocK …Hey have yorself a nice Christmas weekend !!


That’s awesome @LoCoRocK !
You started some plants?
Now you’re a real grower again! :joy:.

So, what are you working on, bud?

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I have some of Prey’s White Caviar in the mix along with some Lemon Chz & Jack Herrer from Sebring. Basically seeds that I have a bunch of so there’s no big loss if I get depressed and let it all die. Prey & Sebring both send a dump truck at a time so I have lots. I want to really see this WC to the end though since it’s an Afficianado bloodline. Even if I just get pollen since they are regs you dig.


I don’t blame ya, man. I’d want to see that WC grow too!
Best of luck, friend! I’ll be watching your thread from here on out.
Happy Holidays! :v:. :green_heart:. :+1:.

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Zweet Child Auto - 21 days.
I trained her the other day.

Crescendo Auto - 21 days.

Glue Sniffer Auto (a)+(b) - 19 days

Wish my Glue Sniffer would stretch some. I adjusted the light today. They all need water today when my light turns on.

Zweet Child has started training, she recovered fast. I don’t like to train autos but I’m getting better at it, so why not.

Temp is @ 78* / Humidity is @ 50%.

I’m watering about 32oz. every other day.

Lights are 30" using veg/bloom @ 400w - 480w

As always, any comments or criticism are welcome.

Thank you, community!

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy New Year!


Zweet Child auto - 28 days

Crescendo auto - 28 days

Glue Sniffer auto (a+b)- 25 days

Still no stretch from Glue Sniffers (right). Very bushy though. Zweet Child & Crescendo (left) went into flower last week.

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy Growing!


Looking great! The node spacing on those Glue Sniffers is crazy! I bet those 2 give you a good amount of bud. When you stopped by my thread earlier, I realized I was way behind on yours. I’ve missed a lot of good growing and some really nice looking plants.


Zweet Child & Crescendo (left). Glue Sniffer (right).

Zweet Child - 31 days.

Crescendo - 31 days. (front,left)

Glue Sniffer (a+b) - 29 days.

Zweet Child took off fast! Still no sign of flower for the Glue Sniffer, a lot of leaf tucking going on. I think I stunned the Crescendo, I should have known better then to train an indica auto.

Again, if anyone knows anything about these strains please let me know. Glue Sniffer is 80-88 days. That’s all I know. I can’t find info on anything else.

Comments & Criticism always welcome!

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy Growing!


Zweet Child & Crescendo (left). 33 days.

Glue Sniffer a+b (right). 31 days

Zweet Child is coming along fast.

Crescendo smells great already! Too bad I stunned her.

Glue Sniffer a+b started to flower yesterday, but they are still very short. These plants are leafy…always tucking!

Here is a pic from the side.

Should I adjust the light for the Glue Sniffer? It’s at 26" @ 100% for a week or more. Or do you think its the genetics keeping them so short and fat? In that case I’d leave them alone, right?

Let me know what you think, adjust the light for the Glue Sniffer or leave in alone?

:v:. :green_heart:. & Happy Monday!