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Cherish those that you love every chance you get

It’s hard to predict the future, every day could be someone closes last day or last day as you know them, always remember the best and leave the rest behind , forgive and forget,express how you feel towards someone you don’t want to regret not having the opportunity! I love you all and hope you take time to tell someone you love them too


No Truer words ever spoken :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow i feel the same way. When my father died. I knew what he wanted. Because i asked him what he wanted. I loved both my parents sadly i am an orphan. And i miss them everyday. I am glad i have photos and video of them. Friends and family are the most important safety net you can have. Because nothing matters when your dead. I miss many friends. Its been hard this last 5 yrs for me because i have had 15 people die in my circle. And 7 animals. Cherish everyone for we only have so many days on this planet. Hoppie man im feelin bad bro. Sorry. And thanks we love you also. There are true people here and im thankful to be part of it. And “no truer words have been ever spoken” amen guys.
Anyways everyone grow happy. And tell everyone you love them because it can be the last hello.


Well said my brother!!! Carpe Diem!!!.. Live life to the fullest… No regrets and if you were to depart this Earth today make sure your conscience is clear… Help others … Teach others and build each other’s confidence… The power of positivity is infectious… Love is the answer!!! Don’t let mainstream media fool you it’s designed to keep us afraid of each other… Be the best you everyday!!!


Amen I send my love to each one of you great people on this wonderful forum. :v::v::v::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Tks to all the love spreaders it’s what we all need , I wish we could all live forever and have another chance to do things right from the start


@hoppiefrog I hope everything works out for you. And if there is anything you need just drop a line and I’ll do my best to help.


Tks my friend, it warms my heart to have such friends as yourself here to help soften the blows that life throws at us :wink:


Sorry to hear about your losses! I lost 5 people within the last 9 months from my best friend on my birthday to a 16 year older family member a month ago! It’s definitely been hard and a struggle to get through but the grass is finally getting greener, just doing my thing and keeping my head up high as I can!


Sometimes people aren’t capable of showing compassion or love towards others sometimes we have to do wrong to do right when we have the capability or means to do so do so… if no one will stand up to those who are wicked who will…Sometimes we have to get wicked :wink:


man what beautiful words we never know what the future will bring us ty hoppiefrog

Rick said something about that, to me directly. So let me share this with you guys as there is always always hope

So first check this out when you get some time Much Love Rick

Then as I promised here is the only way you can get rso and know exactly what is in it


Np my friend the local compassion club owner here spent time with Rick and he had a great influence on their start up.much respect my friend :slight_smile:


Damn sorry here that. Man i still dwell in mind about those lost ones everyday. Its a weird place my mind is. There are places there i dont go. And many places i cant get out of there. In my mind is where im at usually…visiting friends and happy memories. That is the place in my mind i go a lot. We all can have things. But i like memories no one can take those away ever. Except the evil thief alzheimers and his sidekick dementia!


He is amazing and still at it.


Were going to fix that preybird1. I suffer like you as I have seen it all my life and lost way to many to young. So we have to push this until everyone at least knows about it. When we get rolling I am going to call Rick and show him what he did, :wink:


Nice cant wait see where this goes! Very interested!

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