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Claire & Lola’s Law

Anyone living in Kansas? Or in a state that hasn’t legalized jack sprat? I just wanted to discuss Claire and Lola’s law and see what you think about it.

This law means that the residents of Kansas would be able to obtain a letter of recommendation from their doctor regarding using CBD oil with 5% or less THC, as long as they qualify with having certain debilitating conditions.

I have been diagnosed with 6 disorders including PTSD and I am on disability.
My doctor isn’t writing any letters for anyone based on this law.

Are there any Kansans here who know of any doctors in the state that aren’t totally against medical marijuana?

I guess this is me introducing myself and the concerns I have for the compassion that doctors lack in being able and actually wanting to help their patients.

I guess they are going to start a pilot operation in Russell county for industrial hemp. Hopefully they will enact a law making it legal to at least possess high cbd low thc hemp flowers. It’s just a matter of time, I guess.


Welcome! I live in NM where medical is legal but there’s usually specific doctors that will write for it. Are there any CBD shops or anything there that might know? Otherwise, maybe @Kareenabis420 might be able to help.

Good luck! I know marijuana saved my life!


Maybe having to change physician is a bit of blessing in disguise, but still frustrating. If your current physician has a personal bias against cannabis, then what else do they intentionally remain ignorant about because of their own personal biases? There are lots of credible information available about the science of cannabis and the human endocannabinoid system.
Reading some of the news about Kansas and cannabis it seems as though this ignorance is pervasive in the government too.
I live in CA which is a bit of bubble compared to Kansas.
Since hemp is legal on a federal level, and you can order CBD products online, have you at least tried some of these products?


Good morning, I just moved to the mountains from Ks. 3 months ago. I don’t know of any doctors that would have courage there to do it. I have a disabling condition and one of the reasons I moved. Kansas is the worst for civil rights and etc. and it’s a prison state. There #1 economy is the prison systems.