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Cloning autos

Has anybody successfully cloned autoflowers? If so what did you do? I’m from New Zealand and don’t want to have to ship seeds constantly and have them seized so would like to learn to clone autos

clone photos… never seen a use for cloning autos… just my opinion…

im cloning photos at the moment but the wife needs me to grow more cbd’s for her and id prefer to just do autos instead of mucking around with lighting schedules and taking up space from my cash crops

Just buy seeds… sorry cloning autos ain’t worth it (unless you really know your auto shit)… easier to just grow CBD fems

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right, fuckin expensive things lol over 1000NZD worth siezed in the last 6 months. may just have to tell the wife she needs to buy another tent lol

It can be done just like cloning fem plants but the yield and amount of work isn’t worth it. Anyone that does clone auto’s do it just to say they’ve done it. Your best bet is to breed auto’s through reversal. Sorry I know thats really not what you wanted but it really is your best bet

Silver thiosulphate or colloidal silver… make your own seeds… but again…a whole lot of work…

Honestly, running photo plants is so much better, and cloning off of them @nmccarron. It really isn’t that much more work I promise. Especially if you start with feminized seeds.Get yourself a timer and let technology do the work for ya. I can go days without touching the settings to my grows. I’m not a big fan of auto’s to begin with tho! I personally feel like the strain loses a little something when it’s crossed with ruderalis genetics. That’s just my opinion.

Haha yea ive already got my three tent perpetual going on autopilot with timers and auto feeders. I’ll just tell the wife if she wants me growing specific stuff for her that shes gonna have to let me get another tent.

Thanks for everyone’s help and input. Much appreciated. Will tell her we need a 4th tent hahaha oh no

Just curious, since your wife is wanting cbd, has she tried anything with more cbg in it? We are doing a bunch of tests with people here where I live and none of my vet brothers get any effect from cbd, but all of them have said they Do and like the feel from the cbg hemp products.

Bullfrog, Interesting, we just had an article ina local paper about a 14 YO girl Who had some weird cancers when she was 7 and her parents put her on CBD or something of that ilk. She is now fully recovered and starting a hemp farm of her own. 1500 plants. We’re in a medical legal state, in the article it said something about the chemicals in her canna-meds seemed to increase her bone density and form, heal and result in a stronger bone structure. Since I had back surgery (3x laminetomy) I have developed an interest in others who have the same issue as I do. Can only eat so much cottage cheese!
A good source for CBG?

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Fugged aboud clonin’ autos. Get the right fem seeds and keep reproducing (cloning) them. Shifting the timing is a 1 minute job, small sacrifice for a good repeatable crop!

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@wrosenk The lighting schedules isnt the problem it’s the space.
@bullfrog420 the cbg sounds interesting. May be something to look into. She suffers from chronic pain. Sacroiliitis

Hi mate I’m from Qld Aus I get my seeds from I love growing marijuana Or they send the seeds from inside our county’s NZ and Aus I’ve been getting seeds of them now for over a year and you pay by direct bank deposit in a bank IN NZ they’ll give you the BANK and the acc number when you get in the checkout hope it helps it takes about 8-10 to get them Too

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Oh beauty I’ll give them a go thanks mate

Typically you dont get good rest while very sick. Cbd and cbg helps internal issues. Cbd helps with sleep and hunger not a strong high you can feel. Cbg helps to lessen pain inside. I use it for my friends with ibs issues.

Cbd and rso helps you to sleep. Rem is where your body does its healing. These two components help you to reach rem and let’s your body do its natural healing.

My wife has IBS, cousin has chrones disease, and I have severe insomnia. My record to date is awake for 10 days solid. CBD is not going to help you get sleep. Cbn do. Check out this link and it does a pretty good job at explaining the differences. I do not know a single person that truly gets any effects from cbd. That is all hyped up crap in my opinion. Your receptors don’t even bind with it. Your receptors bind fully with cbg. Cbn is more for sleep, Not cbd.

Use CBD or CBN… and mix with melatonin… night night and the dreams are like an all night drive-in…lol…

As good as leaving a nicotine patch on and going to sleep? :joy:my dead nana came back in my dreams with an old mans bald head and short sides when I did that