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CMH 315w - Prism/Sun Systems/Philips

I received my review and testing package in the mail today - 3 business days after confirming my mailing address and paying a couple bucks to broker the package across the border from Grower’s House headquarters in Arizona to me in central Canada. Everything was packaged nicely and arrived in great condition.

The remote ballast is chunky and simple - mount it outside the tent (the included power cord has some decent length) and plug it into your timer and it’s ready to go.
The Sun Systems reflector is light and solid. The bulb holder is mounted tight, the power cord is probably the highest quality I’ve seen on a light fixture - super thick and very flexible - and has more than enough length to accommodate mounting in any tent.
The Philips 930 Elite Agro bulb is a great full spectrum, full cycle bulb. I expect it to perform well. I did, however, notice that the external glass shield which surrounds the inner bulb is loose and has some play to it and can be felt moving. I’m not sure if this is standard for the shield on CMH bulbs. If anyone knows for sure, please chime in and let me know.

I’ve got the fixture hung over my plants in veg right now, covering about a 3’x3’ space. The fixture is happily throwing out 300 - 400 micromoles across the canopy at a distance of 24".


600 true Watts of LED, drivers mounted in tent.

315 Watts of CMH, ballast mounted outside of tent.

7 Likes here’s a nice, quick way for Android users to get a rough idea of the PPFD your lights are putting out without spending $500+ on a good quality quantum meter.


Topped all plants last night before lights out. 6 fan leaves/nodes were left on each branch. They bounced back beautifully under the CMH.


Wow, very nice set up @devjyarn! Looking forward to seeing some amazing results.


Plants were topped 3 days ago.

Top is the Solo Cup. Bottom is a gift seed that is doing ok. A the stronger genetics are trucking right along.

This one has a lot of leaf curl. Still trying to figure out if I can account for it by changing its feeding. It might just be genetically curly - part of the fun of popping new seeds.


A quick thought on topping and plant shaping.

I top my plants after 3 sets of nodes (6 fan leaves).

Notice how the sets of leaves alternate direction? Sets 1 and 3 have the branches growing out to the sides of the main branch, while set 2 will send a branch growing towards the center of the plant.

This is what I don’t want.

This is what I do want. Red is the growth direction from the topping I did previously, orange is where I want my new tops to be after the second topping, and blue will be the final tops if I decide to top the plants 3 times.

This should build a nice, uniform plant with a full canopy.


Damn your good :call_me_hand::+1:


How’s the light working out for you so far?? Is the heat production ok? Are you still 24" or have you adjusted?


Light is still at the same height and working wonderfully. Tent temperature is still way lower than with my 600w LED, which is great in veg. If I was in a 3x3, this light would be perfect to take me full cycle.


Very nice! Sounds like a great light! How’s the bulb? I’ve been looking at them online…ever heard of a brand mixjoy? They have em on Amazon for 50$


The one I’ve got it the Phillips Agro Tek 3100k. Here’s a good review on some of the bulbs available. Seems like most offer a really good spectrum.


What a difference a week can make.


Wow just saw this man!!! Top notch :facepunch:… They’re looking really pretty


Still amazes me how fast they grow in a controlled environment!

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Thanks! I’m going to put together an update this weekend. Weeks’ been crazy! I transplanted the Solo Cup plant into a 1 gallon pot like all the rest. Been running into a consistent calcium deficiency that none of the other plants were seeing which I think has to do with the cup not being able hold enough nutrient solution. These girls are hungry!


Going through a growth spurt I’m sure they are starving… I’m sure you you have just the thing to bring up the calcium :wink: do you think that calmg from general Organics would be good if I had the same problem?

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Saturday vs. Wednesday, and an idea of the calcium deficiency.


Any CalMag supplement will do. I use a 3 part dry fertilizer that has part B as pure calcium nitrate, so I mixed up a 1000ppm solution of that and have been spraying them twice daily to get them to bounce back. Also adjust my reservoir to bump up the calcium. Hopefully the problem is handled.
Haha, or maybe this is just what I get for running 4 new plants at the same time.


They’ll bounce back you have it handled :facepunch: good to know its implemented in my feed schedule with that line I’ll definitely give em a boost if see those signs… What strains are you doing?

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