CODE vs NON-CODE Structures

@growopowners Did you know greenhouses can be purchased as ‘non-code’ or ‘code’ structures. The non-code structures are still engineered and built to NGMA standards but they do not carry the engineers “wet stamp”. In some states and counties with job sites zoned as ‘Ag land,’ exemptions are made for building permits and do not need a “wet stamp”. The Licensed Producer is an Ag building. Check with your local county about Ag buildings before you make your decision.

Code structures are stamped and prepared specifically for the site location. Wet stamps are not installation drawings.

Once an engineering package is complete, FFG sends the plans to the customer or general contractor for permit application. FFG does not pull permits. We only supply the stamped engineering calculation needed to apply for the permit. Once the permit is granted, the greenhouse quote can be finalized. Engineering is site specific and we must have an accurate address.

On average, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to have engineering completed for a structure (give or take, depending on the state). If you plan on having a ‘code structure,’ engineering should be the first step you take. If for whatever reason, a permit isn’t granted to you by your county or if the engineering upgrades change the price of your structure significantly, completing the engineering before purchasing your structure will save you thousands of dollars. It will also determine what additional materials are needed to make your greenhouse meet engineering requirements and may change your estimate depending on what needs to be added.

Installer List - Amperage Chart - Product Warranty:
Amperage Oct18.pdf (53.2 KB)
Product Warranty FFG 2018.pdf (540.2 KB)
Greenhouse Installer’s List Oct2018.pdf (320.2 KB)

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@Emily, what are the advantages of your structures over the competition? Can you help walk a first time buyer through the permitting process prior to purchase?