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Colombia: attractive for the cannabis industry

This country has great advantages for the cultivation and commercialization. Located in the Equator (light & temperature stability), abundant water resources, regulatory framework focused in industry, lower labors cost. We seek alliances with investors and growers to develop a project adjusted to the legal reality and the local market to reach the international market.


What kind of alliances are you attempting to establish. I think we can help put you in touch with some interested parties.

Hi Nick. Thanks for your reply.

First of all I need a master grower to guide me in the agronomic part and to know the figures of the crop. In this country legalization is for medicinal cannabis, which is totally different to illegal crop. Many people say they know about marijuana, but so far, those that I have found, have not shown me their skills and knowledge.

Second, already i have some local investors but I want to meet investors in USA too. Much better if they know about the cannabis business. In any case, capital is welcome from any nation.

My advantage is that the project is real. I’m designing it for myself, not to build a paper company, I love agriculture (organic) and i want to continue in my work activity but now, in a new type of crop.


Potentially interesting opportunity for @Investors here.

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Thanks a lot…again, William.

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