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Colorado-- What do you think of the paper issued medical cards?

Colorado is now in limbo between the old medical cards and an online medical card system. Have you seen the paper medical cards? What do you think?


Welcome to the community @newamsterdamorganics

Great first topic, I’m interested in hearing what other CO members think about this issue. @nicholas do you have any thoughts on this matter?

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Thanks! We are very curious as well!


I haven’t personally had to deal with the medical system as I just purchase recreational. Two concerns I would have with an online system are cyber-security and reliability. What if a hacker breaks in and steals all the info? The application includes your social security number and your drivers license number so that could be used to steal your identity. And what if the system goes down or is DDOSed like MMJ Freeway was recently? I mean progress marches on and all that, and it’s hard to avoid going to an online system, but I hope they are taking those factors into account.