Completely Green team

To everyone that I have spoken to regarding joining my company

This is great news

Please can you do the following

Get a YouTube account
[email protected]

Get a Facebook account and get messenger.
Jay Hohaia-Portelli

Add me on both key

I want to chat in messenger

And I’ll share info via YouTube.

I need to do a video conference and it might mean some of you have to get up early… When we have members throughout the world this is going to happen.

Does anyone know a service we could use, I know Skype but not sure if it’s very stable. Ill Google but it haa to go across the world

So Bryan, Gareth, Lesana, Abe, John, and Glen, honest I can’t and won’t make you do this, but sorry if you don’t connect I can’t chase you. I have to know right now that you’re in…

Cheers guys


I’ve used this service in the past-


Jay - For those unable to “attend,” you can record the conference call for them to watch at a convenient time.


Glen Im going to have to change the date, and the time. I have he meet with all top four next week

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brilliant guys