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Could sex work be legalized in New York?


For the first time in American history, democratic lawmakers have introduced legislation to decriminalize prostitution in the Empire State. Advocates of the legislation argue this is a positive step forward to protecting sex workers from violence and exploitation. Opponents argue that it might open the door for legalized sex trafficking…what do you think?

Drug policy activists have long cried foul that drug criminalization is a moral matter in which the government ought not have a stake. If drug laws make the choice about what we can legally put into our bodies, this legislation would effectively legalize the choice of who we can put into our bodies…and let the individual define the price!

The Dutch have allowed for legalized prostitution and legal cannabis for decades with minimal negative cultural impact; they do however, have some of the lowest STD transmission rates in the world. Do you think we may see similar impact in the States?

What do you think this legislation means for the cannabis industry? What moral implications might this have for drug policy nationwide?

Here’s an article about the pending legislation: