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Cratix grow corner with jacks

Did a trim on the blueberry butchers today will give them a couple days recovery then put into flowering also left a couple of branches to get bigger for cloning

Going to rework the ac into a different window and get the exhaust tubes for both tents venting out of it and then I’m thinking of hooking up ventilation tubes from the ac to the tent to pump the cool air in but will wait till ac is moved to a better location, the exhaust is done better and both tents are running and see what temps are like first also looking into switching out the blurple for a Mars hydro ts 1000 unless someone has a a different recommendation it would be paired with hlg 135 in a 2x4x5

So far everything is going well the first set of plants will be moved to the flower tent probably Monday the Toxic Weekend seedlings will be moved under the hlg to veg a week before transplant and another seed drop will happen Thursday thinking either Jack the Ripper #2 from irie genetics or chocolate marshmallow from
Exotic genetics both regs

Hope everyone has a amazing weekend


I have 2 cloners.
I built one that works good.
Its dwc. It’s a bucket with an air stone.

The other I bought


Been a busy day planted 6 seeds of Chupacabra F2 [Male] x Wookie F2 (Ginger Beer Pheno) by District_Flora after soaking them for 24 hours then took 2 cuttings from each blueberry butcher dipped in clonex gel then planted into saturated coco and a misted dome

Lastly the blueberry butcher had all the side branches up to the top node removed and I believe the tall one in the back left will be a male

Side not 6/30/2021 day 1 of flowering blueberry butcher


One last thing I went ahead and order a spider farmer sf 1000 made my decision on the fact I don’t like Mars hydro tent so I might not like their light will be here Friday


Everything is slowly moving along new light in hmm what shall the next upgrade be thinking it’s time to get the fancy control panel for the ac infinity inlines


Well totally forgot about updating but better late than never

We will start with the zero success in cloning a blueberry butcher after pulling them they all were rotted and zero sign of root development of well will try again

Next I transplanted the toxic weekend into 2 gal fabric pots and one 1 gallon going to love into flowering tent tonight

Then we have the 4 tester seedlings which are doing good

the blueberry butchers they finally showed their sex and 2 of the 4 were males going to see if can manage to collect some pollen off of the better looking one see how it goes

And then we got rambunctious and dropped a shit load of seeds blackberry kush banana kush wet Betty and Mac something 2 of each all fems then 5 soloberry 2 regs and 5 auto tyco monolith regs going to be lots of fun


That’s real nice


The veg tent

The flowering tent

The male still need to set a up blurple just moving it in and out of the flowering tent for this moment still have a couple days at least till pollen drops


Damn always forget to update this always to busy talking in other people threads lol anyways the big seed drop has about half sprouted 5/6 tyco monolith the wet berry and banana kush all up by day 3 an 4 after planting did a little digging around saw tap roots on 1 of Mac and blackberry kush as well as several solo berry but none have sprouted yet will let them run for another week but honestly don’t expect them to make the cut bit disappointing

I did take one of the tyco auto wet berry and banana kush and put them all into the flower tent to grow on 12/12

Then we have the 4 Chupacabra F2 [Male] x Wookie F2 which are doing really well

I am considering not journaling so much as I may step outside legal limit of plants doesn’t bother me too much but better safe than sorry we shall see


We have 3 adults in the house so we can have up to 18 plants not sure how to count works may be something I start looking into


Going to do some work in the flowering tent tonight have 4 more plants to move into it going to have to reuse a couple 1 gallon fabric pots the postal service unfortunately delivered my package of fabric pots to the wrong address so have to figure out how to deal with that

The Chupacabra cross definitely ready for to be up potted and there isn’t much difference in the seedlings between the the flower and veg tent


Quick shot of the veg tent raised both lights to start getting a little height to everything not much other to about the tent than that however after joining irie genetics live video last night on Instagram I learned a few more things about his Jack the Ripper and blueberry butcher both strains share the same Jack the Ripper dad what

I leaned is that both strains have the ability to grow 4 branches per node leading to an increase in yield

I currently have and experimental male blueberry butcher plant that I’ve been half ass on the fly keeping alive to see if I can isolate and get pollen off of it and it has the 4 branch trait and pretty heavily leans towards the description of jtr

I’ve actually just given away the last of my blueberry butcher seeds but that’s alright because I can always order more seeds as well I have a 10 packs of jtr #2which is supposed to be more potent but harder to grow and also more commonly carry the 4 branch per node trait

To me as a rookie grower I’m pretty excited about all this because it’s a trait from plant that would definitely like to be able to give to another plant and give me hope that I may have the first ingredient to making my own strain for fun

I think :face_with_monocle: the next ingredient if this one works out will be to find a short stocky with dense nugs and I’m kinda guessing here but tighter node space to add the the dense nugs all with a skunky fuel smell to add to what it alread has we shall see all in the long run either way super excited and if you actually read all of this long rambling update I appreciate you taking the time to do so and appreciated any an all criticism as well as your support hope everyone has a fantastic week :facepunch::v::green_heart:

Apparently i forgot to post the transplant of the tester had some nice roots


A lot going on moved 4 more plants into the flowering tent putting at about cap still hoping the autos in the veg tent are autos and going to top all the fem seeds in solo cups on their to slow them down a little


After looking at this pic may redo the fans put both to the short side and turn them up a notch


A photo dump of the flower tent after doing a trim to get the light penetration I want let the gf do a couple as well