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Cultivation/ Lab Tech

Ill keep this post short, I am college graduate with degrees in biochemistry and psychology with one-year postgrad work experience in a large environmental and food laboratory. Ive recently moved to FL but am seeking employment in the medical cannabis industry anywhere in the US or Canada. I don’t have direct work experience in the industry but many skills I have are applicable to the cannabis industry such as extractions, filtrations, titrations, etc. I am an experienced microbiologist testing plants and other materials for specific bacterias and mold. I would like to find an opportunity in a testing laboratory or as a cultivation assistant but would be open to any position available.



Resume: Nick’s Resume 2018.pdf (51.0 KB)


We are a smaller licensed cultivation in Las Vegas. If you are interested in possibly coming to Vegas we could talk more


Awesome! I’m in the industry in Arizona and shared your resume with one of my biz partners. We try to connect job seekers with companies. :sunglasses:


Thank you both for your replies. Any possible opportunities will help and be greatly appreciated, as I am finding out it is very hard to get my foot in the door in the industry. I can be contacted at the phone number and/or email on my resume.