Cultivation Positions Available Nationwide

Vangst Talent has several cannabis cultivation positions open currently. They are director of cultivation level roles, responsible for setting up and/or running a large commercial cannabis grow facility. There are positions in Colorado, Nevada as well as several northeastern states. For the right candidates companies are willing to pay well into the 6 figures. Candidates must have management experience in a regulated grow facility with knowledge of compliance, seed-to-sale tracking and commercial growing techniques. Anyone interested please email your resume to [email protected].


I’m Michael Baldwin founder/owner
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Interested in a master growers position… Decades of growing experience learned my craft 15 years in the Hawaiian Islands. Many years a care giver in southern Oregon…
Contact me thru our website or [email protected]

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Hi my name is nathan im 28 I’ve been growing for 10years. I am a Master grower from California/ Southern Oregon.I have experiences in Hydro/Organic indoor methods. I have managed/owened anywhere from a 20light to a 100light warehouse operation.I managed two medical delivery in southern california .For the past 3years I’ve managed 3 1300sq ft operations for my family.And now I owened 1300sq feet medical operation.Which includes 60ft light dep greenhouse and 48 400gal smart pots which yielded 135 lbs.I just rent my land here and now needing some city life.I was planing on moving back to Los Angels in 1month.To start a delivery or dispensary .But i would love to talk pto your company to see what your offering.Give me a call at 541-787-0490 or e-mail me at [email protected] thank you and have a great day. Nathan

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