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Curing ? how long have you let it sit ? what is the best

It seems everyone has a different method. what is the longest and best way? how long does it cure for in facilities and how? what fails? successes? I think this process is the most important and the hardest


Personally, I like hanging whole plants, waiting until outside is almost dry (3-5 days), performing a trim, moving to paper bags for a couple days, then jar. Depending on the humidity level, a certain amount of care should be taken to open jars at the right rate, etc to cure between 60-65%. I cure for at least 1 month. Okay, I sneak a few buds before then.

I speak completely from personal ritual, however I know many higher production growers follow a similar method. Many use tupperware bins instead of jars for the last step.


I do exactly the same thing hang full plant 3-5 days until stems snap then I trim it into bags for a day or two then in mason jars burping the jars once or twice a week for atleast a month and it turns out great everytime!


After a long flush (7-14 days), I like to harvest before the lights come on, then buck a lot of the fan leaves, hang the whole plant upside down in the dark for about 2 weeks at a steady 60% RH, low 70’s°F. After about 2 weeks, the plants are ready for trimming. Trimmed buds are placed in jars or buckets and sealed until they are fully moisturized again (about 24 hours). At this point, the jars/buckets are opened and the buds allowed to dry again. They will be burped in this fashion for a few more days, but thanks to the flush and harvesting in the dark, they are pretty much shelf ready by this point.


Can you please explain on the advantage of harvesting in the dark.


Sure thing: the wisdom behind harvesting in the dark actually has its roots in photosynthesis. When the plants are in the photoperiod they are photosynthesizing and cycling nutrients from the rhizosome to the canopy. When the plants are in their dark period, the nutrients are down in the rhizosome. The combination of a good flush and harvesting in the dark ensures that no excess nutrients are in the canopy. A lot of the purpose of “the cure” is to gas off those nutrients slowly, so what you are left with is a pure and clean flower, void of nutrients. I am just able to speed up the process a bit by practicing consistent flushing/harvesting.