Curing: zero to hero?

First time ever curing coming up here soon (few weeks) . No experience in the past. Teach me how from the ground up!

Edit: thank you everyone for the information so excited to learn and grow here!


First things first : Welcome to the network! Plenty of nice and knowledgeable growers here that are willing to share their experience if they are asked nicely…

Just a little piece of advice, take it or leave it, it’s up to you : It’s next to impossible to discern the tone of a message. More so if you don’t know the messenger… The way you worded your question could be seen as more of a demand from an entitled person than a plea for help. The growers will stay away if you think you are owed answers… as it is now, it’s the same as getting somewhere and telling everybody to stop what they are doing and demanding answers… I am sure that was not your intention and you are surely a nice person! Just my 2 cents.

In the meantime here is the lesson on drying an curing (hope this helps):


Ah I see your point! I kind of wrote this hurriedly as I was excited to start seeing what people had to tell me! Just to clarify to anyone not meant to be demanding at all; ANY and all answers would be appreciated. Thank you for the link I will look into it presently! Happy growing everyone and glad to be a part of the community!


Welcome to the forum!


If you asked 10 different people how to cure you might get 10 different answers, so take my opinion as one of many ways to do things.

In my view curing is keeping your buds in a consistent environment that will allow them to stabilize their moisture and “develop” like a wine or cheese might. Curing takes place after an initial drying period which gets the buds to the water content you’re happy to keep them at for the remainder of their life between drying and consuming.

In my opinion, if you’re “burping” your bud, you’re not curing yet.

I dry my plants broken down into branches in a room set to 62% RH. The humidity might fluctuate between 55 - 62%. They are usually dry to my liking in about 2 weeks, but when the environment is stable around 62% RH there is little risk in keeping them there longer than 2 weeks.

After the branches have dried to my liking, I will do a dry trim to remove the sugar leaves (fan leaves were removed before the plant was hung) and move the trimmed buds into jars or bags with a humidity pack. I like to use 62% RH two way humidity packs - Boveda and Integra are great options. Some people will continue to burp their jars or bags at this time to release excess moisture. If things were dried appropriately in the first place, this may not be needed.

From there, curing should be the time that your buds spend jarred up, improving in quality.


And here’s some more info :wink:


First thing never ever ever ever trim wet!! I’ve been growing herb for 33 yrs. trust me on this. Take the whole plant down and take the fan leaves off and hang the whole plant. When the buds feel like they are dry wait another day. You will get it down after trial and error. Trim and put in a non airtight container and take top off every day twice a day and mix it up a little. After a week jar it up and pop top every day for two weeks. Enjoy .

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