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Custom Size Raised Beds (Smart Pots Raised Bed Less Expensive Than Lumber)

Smart Pots has been making custom size raised beds now for a number of years but it hasn’t been something that we’ve pushed. For those who were going to build a raised bed out of lumber-- Don’t!

A Smart Pot raised bed (depending on options) of approximately 4’x20’ will run about $100. Lumber alone for something that size will be more than that, and you still have to build it, AND it won’t give you proper drainage, root development, etc.

Please email us: [email protected] or call our 1-800-521-8089.

Any questions, feel free to post them in the thread. Thanks!


Here is a follow up to the last post with some pics. This is a 4’ x 25’ x 18”

A customer ordered 15 of these and the price was under $120 each. Sewed in fabric partitions eliminates the need for PVC framing, though we have made many beds that are PVC ready, without partitions.

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