Defoliation - canna cribs

have watched many “cann-cribs” never have/has anyone (commerical cultivators) say if they defoilate or not- please folks chime in. my thought are that IF cultivating indoors defoliation is a must. ?


Hi hawkman!

Very very short: defoliation is never a must, but highly recommended to increase yields and to make the plant produce larger colas. The idea behind it is quite simple: you allow more light to hit and penetrate deeper into the plants’ canopy resulting in the above.
By defoliating you also create a better airflow inside and underneath the canopy which is beneficial, among other things, in pest control.

I could write a lot more about defoliating but that would be kind of a waste of time since there is already a lot to be found on the web. You could have a look at these articles to start with, from

Happy growing!

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