Deformed branches again

I was wondering should I remove those places from my plant I posted more pictures


Hi @ward can you post more pictures.

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Cut off the bad and let the good heal.

make sure their aren’t insect larvae inside.

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Is this a clone or from seed? Have you encountered this on another plant? Did you find larvae inside? Cuz its weird.

It’s from seed. But I did take a clone from it and it’s doing only on this one and no no larvae inside

And a couple of them are starting to flower but I was still thinking that I should remove all of them found another one last nite

Freaking Weird. What strain is it?

Also been thinking I don’t know if this would do that or not but I’m sure I stressed my plants out early on I didn’t have everything I needed the had to wait extra form some stuff it was late getting delivered and I didn’t take some things as serious as I should have and was unorganized don’t know if that could have caused it but I know it didn’t help any either. Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help all of you!!

Blueberry feminized

Stress causes bad stuff. To us and them.

dang… thats weird… never see it! i would cut that branch of to keep it from stressing the rest of the plant… and if you can afford to only keep the best plant, you should maybe discard that plant… just a thought

So, do we call this a genetic mutation? I wonder what kind of weird stuff that a breeder sees?

Problem with that is it’s one of the two best plants that I have, got two more that are starting to look alright, lost one due to space which is were the stress started, I’m only allowed 6 planted 5 cuz that what I thought I could do with at available space

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Not sure what to call it

dang man… you can always tough it out and next round youll have everything in control now that your more familiar with the space. ima have to do some research on mutation or plant stress symptoms to try to figure this one out!

I just wanted to thank everyone again for helping me out, and for all the information you provided, not only on my problem but on everybody else’s I’ve learned alot reading those too

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I searched and searched and searched. I couldn’t find anything on it. I asked my mother and thats the response she had. She’s a botanist. She’s the only resource I have when I can’t find the answer.

Thanks for checking I really appreciate it

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