Determing if this is flowering stage

Would this be the beginning of flowering stage? Should my friend take off some of the fan leaves?



A little more detail would help like is it an auto or photo…if photo light schedule and how old she is…but…

Looks like she’s starting to form buttons.
Doesn’t look like she needs defoliated much at this point.
Hard to tell but tucking leaves out of the way that are covering bud sites would be good to do and even just a finger of a leaf if needed or an entire leaf but don’t want to go hog wild removing them at this point. In another couple weeks or so that may be something to consider. Especially lower bud sites and small branches what won’t get enough light to produce big buds and that will redirect energy up to the tops.


Watch and Learn young @day


My friend said it’s a photo and 62 days from sprouting. She just changed it to 12/12 a few weeks ago.


Yes. That plant is in flower and is a female. Those are pistils which come out of a calyx which will turn into buds. She’s on her way. Congrats.