Determining gender by looking at the seeds - a dark art? or total BS

I read about and over think this stuff… I am sure none of you know what that is like.

I have read articles about picking the girls from the boys while they are still seeds. If there was much truth to that then most folks on this site would be doing it… so I am thinking it is BS but what do I know?

So I thought I’d ask.


Not sure how true but they say there is a way.

Maybe this can help

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Now I’ve seen quite a few of these videos and they all seem to relay the same information


Interesting rumor, but no concrete evidence. But the comments look promising to. Your image has been doing the rounds for decades. I never believed it ,but honestly never tried it.


And there is the real question! Has anyone genuinely tried it?


man if it was that easy i would find me someone with 20/20 eyesight to go thru this bowl of seeds and find me some girls. lol. but no, i had to drop 30 of them because i dont know how to grow like a normal person :crazy_face:


One of the fellows on ilgm did it but I can’t remember who.
Let me think on it for a bit.
There may still be a thread over there.
It was within the last year or so.


Great now I have to go look at my feminized seeds when I get home to see if they all have perfectly round depressions