Did I fail - forgot drip irrigation off for 12 hours on flower?

Hi guys, I have Wilma 8 hydro system. I did defoliation and LST this morning and forgot the irrigation pump off for 12 hours :frowning:
The ladies are on 2nd week of flower.

Did I mess up really bad combining the defoliation and accidently not water for 12 hours?
Hopefully the plants (autoflowers) do not stress out really bad. I am so angry to myself atm.

What do your plants look like currently? If they look good then they should be ok.

I will say that many people I know don’t do anything more than a small amount of LST to autos to keep the stress to a minimum so even defoliation in flower or veg they don’t do much


Thanks for your answer!
Currently the plants look normal.

I have been defoliating the ladies through out the grow and they react really well. After each defoliation they grow really rapidly few day (a lot of new leads) and during the flower the bud sites have alway multiplied.

I am affraid that the combination is bad and do not know how bad it is, not to water in 12 hours as I have been watering 24/7 during this grow.

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More info: I use the Wilma with clay pepples.

I know nothing about the Wilma.

It’s it a recirculating DWC or something like an ebb and flow?

If the plants look ok then they will probably be ok at least four the foreseeable future. Now stress is a different story and sometimes only time will tell with an auto if it was over stressed or not


No matter how droopy they look I have brought them back in 12-24hours with just establishing more irrigation…