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Does anyone have any experience with Element Air


I was curious what the experience has been for @GrowOpEmployees, @mastergrowers, and @growopowners…how have these units worked and functioned for you? I have a friend/collegue who installed three in his facility and I would like to learn a bit more from our community. How does the Element Air work for you?

From an equipment manufacturer’s perspective, the units themselves have all the components one would expect to work well for microbial reduction in ambient air. The only caveat (and this applies to pretty much every air disinfection product in existence) is that the end user needs to be certain they’re getting complete coverage of the space in which they have the units installed. The only issues we’ve ever run into with installations are when someone tries to use a product rated to cover 3000 cubic feet to cover a 10,000 cubic foot space.

I’m also curious as to this type of UV/PCO combination and its utility in odor reduction in drying rooms. Theoretically, the PCO should reduce odors very effectively. We used a similar setup to combat odor and microbial issues from penguin feces at a zoo on the East Coast some years back and that really put the nail in the coffin of using ozone lamps for odor control, then using UVC to destroy the residual ozone.

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