Does anyone know what this can be?

Hi all!

Can anyone help me? My plants are three weeks or so away from harvest and some leaves show spots like the one in the pictures. I can’t tell if it’s mold or what. Some ideas on what can it be, what should I do and, most important, will it affect the yield?

Thanks in advance!

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Def not mold or mildew. Those will present with different symptoms (powder mildew, for instance, will manifest in the center of your leaves and resemble a dusting of powdered sugar)

Let me ask you a question, have you applied any foliar treatments to your plants, including water?


Looks like it might be calcium defiiciency🙂

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Hi Growernick,

No, I haven’t.


Hi Overtherainbow,

I have fed them according to the schedule: last watering with blooming fertilizer, Bud Candy and Overdrive. The spots are on the biggest leaves of two of the +Speed auto. The rest of the plants (one more +Speed auto, three Fast bud auto and two Critical) seem to be free of them.


Are you growing in hydro or coco?

I’m growing on soil.

Do you think it will affect the buds?

No you don’t need to use it in soil🙂

I use to grow with AN in soil and it dident do that bad here are some pic of advanced nutrients in soilUploading: 8AA3EFA3-72A4-44FE-A651-8EA9CD32BAEB.jpeg… so I’d feed it with some dry Calcium plant food forom the store I always try it at 3/4 of what’s recommended

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Hers some grown with fox farm

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My buds doesn’t look bad either :wink: That’s why I really hope this calcium deficiency doesn’t affect them. Until know only the older leaves of two plants have spots.

I’ve used Bud Candy, Big Bud and Overdrive, apart from the fertilizer and Canna Bio Boost.

What’s AN? (maybe it’s a stupid question, but still :smiley: )

I’m sorry and NO your Question is not Dumb. Any question is a smart question. AN = Advanced Nutrients. I wouldn’t worry to much if it’s on a couple of leaves you should be fine but if you notice anything getting worse I would definitely start posting more pics. It looks like the top two pictures of your bud are ready to harvest but just to be sure but a 30x magnifying glass for trichomes. if your trichomes turn orangey yellow or milky white they are done. If they are clear they’re not done yet. Hope this​:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Another question, maybe not dumb but rookie :smiley: : the trichomes of a couple of plants are getting milky. They still have some transparent ones and no orange yet. This weekend I’m receiving 18 m3 of wood that needs to be piled, so I won’t have time to harvest. Do you think it will be ok to postpone the cutting for one week, until next Saturday?

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I’d at least advise to make one stop in a couple of days and check cause they really seem Like they’ll be done soon.:+1:

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kinda looks like bug damage? put your magnifying lens to work on undersides of leaves and where branches come off stalk.


Hi u.p.jeff,

There are no signs of bug activity, other than earth mosquitoes flying around.

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