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Dont panic, drink a corona!

So if you have not heard of the corona virus, what rock have you been living under! Thought of opening a discussion here as it potentially effects us all and is having a huge effect on the world.

Cannabis community has always been a great stepping stone for conspiracy theorists. What are your thoughts, how is it having an effect on your life, business, well-being.

Had a couple sleepless nights as South Africa has confirmed 10 cases of corona virus in the last couple of days, and I am sure more to follow. What makes it worse, and I know this is self-absorbed and will have a rippling effect on a lot of people but spoke with the organisers of the Bathurst Show I am part of about the ramifications of the virus today, and they said there is no stopping us now. However they are looking at pulling the plug on the Olympics in Tokyo in the next couple months.

We have been dealing with alot more in the province i am based, such as AHS ( African Horse Sickeness ) as well as foot and mouth diesease. So not looking to good for the up and coming agricultural show. Could be a disaster for many.

Spannabis 2020 has been cancelled!!!

The original reeferman posted this about the Corona Virus a few minutes ago, i think where there is smoke there is fire. And it may be true.

When I worked in the pig breeding business and we produced a faster leaner boar we had a speaker from China talking about the exploding population in China and the need for faster production of protean to meet a explosive population growth now they allow 2 children that speech keeps ringing in my ears he said by 2021 China would struggle to meet its obligations to feed a ever expanding demand .
You know about the Chinese culture and loss of face ? They would loose global face if they had starvation
So this makes sense the older weaker die and the youth are ok.
This virus effects older weaker males and those with compromised immune systems

Expand this to the world where they have been playing a serious game or economic warfare do some research into how much Canada and the US are in Debt to China .
Who has compromised immune systems in the west ? Outside of those with HIV and other immunity issues .
Look at the opiate crisis and it’s source again targeting a specific demographic from the perspective of outsiders with rigid logic .
Everyone who knows me knows I hate conspiracy theory and generally feel they are broadcast by people with political agenda either far right or left and I ask them not to post on my pages .
For me this conclusion is logical I really find it difficult to swallow hahah that people eating bats caused this .
Look at the strategic expansion by China into the South China Sea and many other places expanded military might control over key water ways .
Sorry to my US friends but a politically unstable America divided by internal politics.
This could be the preemptive biological strike that weakens the west the first of many more .
How is this just coming up the surface now ?
Chinese have been eating bats a while I would think ?"""


Yeah yall had some sleepless nights. I got sick as fuck 4 days ago. Im still sick feeling a little better today. And i havent had any cold medicine today. We had our 1st patient here 2 weeks ago at the hospital just down the road here for treatment. I was like uh… but im a little worried but im an optimist!

I’m just a little worried of how things will turn out. I’m from Kenya and we import basic household items, electronics, furniture and even clothes from China

We just got our first case. I’m in Brampton Ontario, Canada. 8 minutes from the house, at the wife’s bank, a guy who works there contracted the virus.

I try and keep a clean diet and that helps keeping the fear at low. I’ve been doing electrical in a meat-packing warehouse employing Chinese workers that can’t even speak a lick of English… boss won’t even step inside :joy:.

I hear high dosages of vit C, I prefer Camu fruit and aercola cherries to combat the flu… and taking quercetin supplements, and even better it’s found in ONIONS!!!, apples, cherries, chilli peppers which is known to help address influenza infections, SARS.

As for “conspiracy theories”, :sunglasses: I read an article on Dr Francis Boyle the bioweapons expert’s opinion on the subject… interesting read backed by science and his own conspiracies on how the virus was created and possibly leaked.

Stay Safe. 1


Yip reading the news sites as I go to bed every night. Seems like its just exponentially increasing across the globe. Cant believe all the shutdowns happening now. This is huge. No point in going into a panic, but certainly worth taking extreme measure in extreme times.


Way i see it, anything you can do i can do better. So if diseases can evolve so can my immune system. Just need lots of sparring and good training camp. Be an outlier like your plant that resists PM & deficiencies.