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Dwc 5gal startup

I’m starting up 5gal dwc buckets and would like to understand the ph more . What I should aim for and why etc ,I have clay pepples as the medium with 1.5 rockwool cubes rooted , I appreciate you and look forward to hearing


high @kingb. Welcome to GN. Glad to see you setting up a hydro system. Your pH is important and a big beast to control. You should be aiming for 5.5–6.5 pH. Cannabis likes aciddic environments. Search on GN for infographics and more details about pH and DWC or even better start your own grow diary.


Hello @kingb, and welcome to GN!
If you’d like to chat about dwc, you might want to chat with some of these people : @devjyarn, @happyhippy, @tdubwilly, @Tygrow78, @growyourowndope, @Ladithief and @preybird1!

These are all amazing growers who have dwc systems… (if i’m not mistaken)

I wish you huge success and Happy Growing!


Thanks for the shout out @kapouic. If you have questions about dwc @kingb, just let me know. I can probably help you out with most ?s you have on dwc. I spent months researching dwc before starting, and have 3 successful harvests now. I’ve gone through the trial and error phase, and learned alot from @devjyarn. Welcome to the network, and definitely journal your grow so we can help you out the best we can. Dwc isn’t very forgiving, so you have catch your mistakes or deficiencies asap and act quick. It’s such a rewarding way too grow and all the extra work is worth it!



5,8 is the sweet spot for hydro, you can let it drift a little up and down to allow for different mineral consumption.


I really like that chart @growyourowndope. Thanks for sharing that!

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