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DYNOMYCO Mycorrhizal inoculant free sample

Hey @CAMasterGrowers @mastergrowers @CAgrowopowners @GrowOpEmployees @growopowners

We’re giving away 100 free retail sized pouches of DYNOMYCO in the USA ( and DYNOMYCO C for those growing in Canada.

DYNOMYCO is based on 30 years of R&D in Israel and has been tested by medical and recreational growers in Israel, the USA and Canada where it has displayed 10-45% yield increases in commercial trials.

DYNOMYCO is Clean Green Certified as well.

You can check out our Instagram for more information.

Would love to send you one of the packs to try out and get your feedback.


Is that offer also for home grower/hobbyist?
Generous of you guys either way, thanks!




No go on California getting samples?.. Canada only???@Ari


Wish I could partake! Do you have any retailers in the US? I am looking into adding mycorrhizal into my next grow regiment.


I use great white… Try that if they aren’t willing to share with the US lol… @preybird1 has great products as well he could recommend


I have been looking at the great white, as it seems to be higher rated throughout the community!


When I transplanted from solo cup I could see a huge difference in roots than last run… It’s a great product @mavsherbs … Try a root booster as well… I use General Organics


In Alberta, I’m following you on Instagram and would love to try one. Thanks so much!


Edit: post edited i was not trying to bash anyone. I edited the post and appologize to @Ari and GN! I am sorry i did not read the post correctly and i came off as bashing i humbly ask GN to fogive me and i will be good i promise!
I always liked samples and thats why i use my current nutrients line.

So everyone i was WRONG! ILL EAT THE CROW!
Flame me if you need i am…truely sorry.


Personally, I could not care if you shipped to the US only, or even to Zimbabwe only! If you are offering samples to growers to try your products, it’s a wonderful way to make a name for yourself! :nerd_face:
Whether it’s in the US, Africa or Canada!
I have seen a lot of samples offered here that were only for the US, and I have never seen anybody complaining about it.
I have never seen people like @chrisj or @docdre complain because they can’t get all the free promo stuff in Africa…

Ship your products wherever you want or wherever you can @Ari, and I wish you plenty of success!


That was harsh @kapouic… Point being why market free samples to just one area :thinking: … Is it an exclusive just for Canadians?.. Cannabis is love brother no matter where you are at… If anywhere in the U.S. California definitely has a market for that product to gain business


I totally agree with you @scotty17, but when a company starts something, it’s normal to do trials when and where it’s viable to do so. My point is, there’s a lot of trials that are for the US only, even the last run of testing gear on this very forum has been targeted at US only to save on international shipping…
Heck, even 90% of the contest I posted for you guys, I am not allowed to participate in because of my location, but I shared them anyway, because I want you guys and gals from all over the world to have the chance to win even if I can’t myself… And trust me, I searched very thoroughly for a long while to find those contest for GN, and I don’t get anything from it, I barely get a few likes and I even got some grief because some people didn’t like the way a contest was made…
What is harsh is not understanding somebody starting a business and trying to put them down because you can’t have their ‘’free samples’’…
But that’s just my opinion…
And to follow your point my friend, why can’t we be happy when someone else has a chance to try a product and not try to destroy them because you can’t have that chance yourself, yet…?
I am happy for all of you who get to discover new things and enjoy gadgets that I will never have. I get to learn from your experience and then I can make an informed decision on a product.
Don’t forget that this forum is international… other country can have trials too… In the end it’s all for a common cause : better cannabis :nerd_face:


I’m interested if it’s still available.


Big Up for the Back Up @kapouic :muscle::muscle::muscle:


I can back that, I constantly missed out on samples right here at GN… by NOT being in the USA.


I know, and more importantly in this case, I understand why!
Let’s not turn this into a flame war and let’s just be happy for people to have some opportunities to try new stuff and tell us about it… wherever they are.
Wherever we stand in society, there will always be people that have more than us or less than us. Let’s just be happy we what we have and try to better ourselves by sharing what we can.

Don’t forget, it’s hard to get the tone of a written message. All I am saying is : Peace and Love people, that’s what we need now. Let’s be happy for our friends, wherever they may be! We will all get turns at different opportunities, at different times, that’s the Wheel of Time :nerd_face:



Right On Kapouic


@preybird1 I like this!! Im reading up on the product list, YO Im REALLY liking these products, bcuz Im going 100% organics in my grow, so I make my choices… next, I just have to pay for shipping, SWEET!!.. I fill my name, my address…HOLD UP WTF!!.. I couldn’t proceed, bcuz this was ONLY for USA…DAMN

I’m not bashing in anyway, I’m just making AWARE, that living in Canada we miss out… and it suckz


Big ups kapouic!

Good to see someone speaking up for the whole cross border issue. Seems like people are bit upset when something for free isn’t offered in their area or don’t qualify.

I’ve been in businesses where shipping is an issue purely because of costs. Shipping across a border costs a business, and can often be a make or break whether or not a junior company or startup can even approach doing business in that country. With imports into the states costing businesses more than ever(not going to go into the nightmare that is shipping to and from the UK) it can be really tricky for a lot of small businesses to handle marketing, offers, and support our semi open border policies and the nature of the marketplace here in North America. Our countries are so closely intertwined it can be difficult to remember that theres a lot of added cost for some businesses to service customers only a few hundred kilometers or miles away, just because they’re on the other side of a drawn up division between us.

I remember a Kickstarter I was involved with some many years ago(that just sounds wierd when I say it, ugh getting old). We had a package to ship to Brazil that got flagged by my wife in the shipping department. The package was going to cost us over $400 to ship and the guy had backed our campaign with less than $200 on what would have been over $300 in retail value. So that exposure cost our business $500. The product was a 2 player game and he was the only customer in the area, buying only enough product for 1 person to play. So chances are that backer wasn’t going to be spreading much awareness in his community. A tangent for sure, but just a little story about how cross border promotion can be VERY costly.

I think offering free product is a great way to get exposure, far better than pumping out a 100k in tv or radio ads. Yes it’s unfortunate not everyone can partake, but hey they’re still willing to give out free samples of myco! We miss out on so many offers on the Canadian side of the border that are directly advertised to us through tv and radio etc. simply because we’re on this side of the line.

Signing up!

Keep well and blaze strong!