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Ebay or Amazon for cannabis and hemp

Hello community,
We are in the planning stages of a rebuild of our website. If you were to build your ideal site, store or online sales force, what would that look like for you as a business owner? What features and benefits would you need or want?
Think amazon, ebay or alibaba
Any suggestions are welcome. Our goal is to build our site to optimize the sales side of your businesses.


In my opinion it totally depends on size of business and goals.

I really like Squarespace for my content management and e-commerce. I don’t want to pay for in-house IT. Until I have revenue one 100 million a year. You are in the cannabis business not in the software business. Squarespace lets you manage your content and content is king. Content management is what you need to worry about. And you as a user need to change content anytime you want as fast as you can. If you can use Microsoft Word you can uses Squarespace. was built under in under days time. I think it was about 4 hours. The donation button took about 1 hour. We just uses it out of the box. You can play with it for free. The have a good screen scraping tool to suck your exsisting content into Squarespace. Plus you can tune for google analytics.

If you are determined or need a fancy CRM, salesfource is the diamond of the product line and we have at least one vendor selling salesfource customized for cannabis industry. They price there product by the number of users, using the product from your company. A seat in salesfource is $150. The best part is no capital investment for hardware. I really like this product because you can automate your workflow.

Quickbooks is hard to beat until you get over 100 million dollars. Has a nice tie in with both salesfource and Squarespace.

I am not a fan of giving my money to eBay or Amazon for sales. If you are small maybe.

I also like to outsource as much of my IT infrastructure as I can. Let someone else pay for hardware and manage it for me. I like using Microsoft Azure and I use them as my email host organization. Amazon has a similar service offering but, you need to know what you want in fine details and I have to do more work. At Microsoft my work is done by Microsoft.

I want thin clients For my employees computers they cost under $500 per user and I easily get 5 years before they complain. I have all the computing work done at my hosting provider.

I spend big bucks on printers. Laser printer. Depends on goals, HP is my entry point, Xerox is my goal standard. I digitize every document entering my business and store them off site. I never have to look for a paper. Makes compliance easier. Xerox has a solid tool set.

I buy my domains from go daddy ten years at a time, and use all the privacy features. I also use them as my SSL certificate provider. All of there other services suck.

Do not uses alibaba as a vendor. I was never able to secure the tools. I could hack my own site with out of the box tools. Kali Linux

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From the voices in my head


I so enjoy the voices in your head. They are phenomenal. I appreciate the detailed time and effort in sharing your thoughts!


Not medicated enough. Where I live it sucks.


I am here to hear. And help where I can. I strongly believe we will be better growers when we treat the grow as a commodity or a specialty grower.

This is a difficult transition for business to make. I have seen it from many sides. But all growers are proud of the crop they grew.

I just want to quantify both side of the equation.

Growing is 99% science 0.5% art and 0.5% luck. That gives lots of room to manage a crop.

From the voices in my head

Ethan Kayes