Ecuador takes off with Cannabis R&D project


Cannabis genetics and materials science and engineering research program begins in Ecuador.

Cannassociates International will soon begin the analysis of Cannabis varietals in the different climatic floors of Ecuador. Cannassociates International has a broad base of genetics and human resources dedicated for more than 20 years to the study of Cannabis and all medicinal plants, as well as the development of extraction and processing equipment.

The local partner of this nature-based genetics and materials engineering project is the Ananda Agricultural Production Cooperative,, an organization of the popular and solidarity economy whose development objective is to form Sustainable Communities that produce their own energy, food and medicine using plants of high added value with industrial, biotechnological and medical potential, including Cannabis.

Through its network of breeders, Cannassociates International will bring to Ecuador at least 100 Cannabis varietals in the first two years. These varietals will be investigated in 5 (or more) climatic zones to ensure the development of high-yielding plants, both medicinal and industrial, adapted to the hours of light and soils of all the region. The project will start with 20 exclusive varietals from Cannasociates International that will eventually form part of the biological assets of Cooperativa Ananda.

The Cannabis industry is not only sowing and harvesting plants: the production of pharmaceutical-grade metabolites, regenerative agriculture, construction materials and social housing, research and development in materials science, metabolomics and genetics, traceability software, are the research areas that will be developed with this program in Ecuador.

Cannabis can provide materials of high technical and scientific interest, such as graphene, high-resistance technical fibers, material for batteries and electricity generation. The concept of ‚ÄúSustainable Communities‚ÄĚ on which Cooperativa Ananda works, will be the basis to test all these technical achievements in the coming years, anticipating their use in extremely specialized applications such as sustainable building, water storage and filtration, ultralight vehicle design, aeronautics and aerospace advancements, and many others.

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Longtime no see, thanks for the update. Good to hear from you. Amazing the progress that is being made in Ecuador. Keep sowing those seeds.